Japan Lingzhi Toxin Tea

Japan Lingzhi Toxin Tea
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Japan Lingzhi Toxin Tea

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At many times, human body become fat because too much endotoxin accumulated in body, if it isn't expelled in time, it will lead to huge harm to the body, to women, toxin discharge is very important, no matter in weight loss, but also in beauty and health

Japan Lingzhi Toxin Discharged Tea, carefully select kinds of herbals that used in toxin expelling, will help you to clear the body and get red of the weight more easily

Lingzhi, Green Tea, Cassia Seed, Honeysuckle Flower, Chrysanthemum, Hemp Seed, Flower of Hyacinth Dolichos, Rose

Specifications: 3g*30 packs/box
Drink two or three times after meals a day (tea bad dipped in hot water for 8 minutes) for the purpose of discharging toxin and losing weight and those who suffer from serious constipation
Drink once a day after meal for the purpose of keeping fit and beautifying oneself (tea bag dipped in hot water for 8 minutes)
Precaution: Not suitable for children, pregnant women as well as people who has heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney etc.

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